About Us

Stoner Toolbox is a website dedicated to finding the most useful, innovative and sometimes outlandish smoking-related tools and gadgets on the web.

Located in the state of Washington at the forefront of legalization, the idea to start Stoner Toolbox came about after a few friends sat down one hazy afternoon, and noticed the array of items sprawled across the coffee table. With red eyes and a dry mouth someone observed, “You know, no one has as extensive an arsenal as us.”

It was true. Guests constantly commented on the range of unique finds that were brought out during our smoke sessions, both entertained and bewildered by the products we had acquired. It dawned on us that although there are many websites for massively unknown buys across the internet, few of them are geared towards enhancing and expanding the smoking experience and giving the stoner community a haven to explore.

Many of the items displayed on this site do grant a small commission for a product referral, however, this is not the motivation for featuring an item. Our staff’s core initiative for posting an item is based solely on the idea that our viewers may be interested in these mind-blowing and inventive stoner-based goodies. We regularly post items that we receive no compensation for that we know the community simply needs to see.

It should be noted that we are not an actual webstore. We do not sell any of the products on the site, nor can we help you with anything related to purchases, tracking, returns or international orders.

If you think you’ve found a product that needs to be shared with the cannababes and dank dudes in our community, please send us an email here.

Stoner Toolbox
Stoner Toolbox